Our Fee Structure Providing affordable legal services to North East Victoria

All first consultations of up to one hour are free. During that consultation we will clarify what type of legal assistance you need, whether we can assist, and the likely duration and cost of the work.

All legal work where the estimate of total costs is more than $750 before expenses and GST are added, will be the subject of a written Costs Agreement and Disclosure Statement which will set out the nature and scope of the legal work we will do for you, the basis upon which legal costs will be calculated, our estimate of total legal fees, our estimate of expenses and your rights in respect of the legal costs, which will be signed by us and by you.

Some straightforward matters may be the subject of fixed fees. More complex matters may be charged on the basis of time spent at an hourly rate. The fixed rate and/or hourly rate will be specified in the Costs Agreement.

Examples of fixed rate estimates for straightforward matters include the following;


Sale and purchase of – 

  • Vacant land – $1,050 plus expenses and GST
  • Land and completed house – $1,150 plus expenses and GST

Commercial and farm transactions are costed on a time basis and an estimate will be provided in the Costs Agreement


  • Single person Will – $250 plus GST
  • Couple (2) Wills – $300 plus GST
  • Complicated Wills are costed on a time basis and an estimate will be provide in the Costs Agreement

Powers of Attorney

$150 for set of;

  • Enduring Power of Attorney (Financial and Personal)
  • Appointment of Support Person (Medical)
  • Appointment of Medical Treatment Decision Maker

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